Wednesday, December 13, 2017


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Sunday, October 29, 2017

RAW: Mysterious giant ball of light stuns people in Siberia

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Trump, To Russia with...Uhhhhhh!

Seems more and more that the Trump - Russian connection is just grasping at straws.   Two Russia Today (RT) reports that I watched this evening:

Clinton campaign chief thanked Facebook for ‘help & support’ – WikiLeaks

Russia divides US: How MSNBC lies to its viewers

Just even more fuel for the fire were the reports of news that people voting for Trump would watch and see that their vote switched to Hillary Clinton right before their eyes.  Some of those reports:


Voting Machines in Texas Changing Trump Votes to Clinton

Rigged Voting Machines - Will You Be Forced To Vote Clinton? - Ballot votes changed to Clinton

AAAAnd on the funny, but true side...

HACKED For Hillary – Even More Evidence The Voting Machines Are Rigged!

The real funny thing though, is that I think Trump was in there to secure Hillary Clinton a win.   I mean she lost to Donald Trump, LOL!   I just think this rigging was caught and being reported and "they" had to stop and then it went downhill from there.  I really don't think Trump wanted to be there and I still don't think he wants to be President.  I think that this whole Trump, Russian connection narrative is still being played out so that he can get out of the office without a terrible reaction and he can just hide away somewhere 'til the heat is off.   It is something to behold though that even that is falling apart, almost like someone else is saying, nope!  You're in there until.... pick your reason, LOL!  I think this because, there is sooooo much more the media could nail Trump on and just hammer him down that it is just laughable that they harp on this sooo much.   I mean, just look into his sordid past as cheating people, using donated funds for buying things, or grabbing women by the p#$@$y.   Just pick your poison.  Sooo much more they could be blabbing about day after day on Trump instead of this ludicrous Russian conspiracy.

Trump and Clinton Friends -

Simply amazing!

Soon found out had a heart of glass.