Sunday, November 1, 2009

3 Legged Crow and Benjamin Fulford

Really interesting post on Benjamin Fulford's blog: 八咫烏(やたがらす)と裏の天皇が動き出した LOL, don't ask me what it says, I have no idea, but it has english at the bottom of it. What really interested me is the 3 legged crow symbol, which looks like a phoenix to me, for all intents and purposes. It looks as if it is a symbol for the sun as well, which I believe the phoenix is a symbol of as well. Really interesting. Just go to the article link above which will also have a link to this interesting article with some photos: 提供: フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)』   Another link in english is here: Three Legged Bird (Wikipedia Article)  and here:  Wild Ink - The Three Legged Crow  Interesting when you type Sanzuniao into a YouTube search and see what comes up, LOL!!!!    Try it, it will surprise you!    OK, if you want to see go here:  Sanzuniao YouTube Search                

LOL Feathered Serpent Anyone?   LOL

Here I am just looking for the daughter of persia and whammo, sync city, to me anyway, LOL.

2009-10-30 2 off Ben Fulford a new secret society emerges from hiding & More about the Queen

Carry on my wayward sun, there'll be peace when you are done.
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