Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Ezekiel Walking Stick

I remember wanting one of these.   I think they are so beautiful.   I bought other staffs and when I get  to feeling good enough to take a walk I like taking my cheaply made little staff with me, LOL.   I had two or three, but my son thought they would make good sticks for hitting trees in the back yard and he ruined them.   The other got left out in the rain, but I found the one my mom had bought me.   They are excellent for poking around in tall weeds when you are walking through the forest and checking for snakes, LOL and for keeping your balance when climbing hills.   Also, for assisting you when coming across the occasional wild dog around here, LOL (Nothing says "go away and leave me alone" to a dog, like a smack on the rear from a sturdy stick).   The new staff my mom bought me is really nice and I happened to run into it today after me and wifey were tarring our roof for the onset of winter and it fell out in front of me in our little shed, odd bit of synchronicity for some reason and got reminded of the excellent workmanship of the staffs I had seen at this gentleman's site a long time ago.  They look top notch and very cool:  EZEKIEL - Two-House Israelite Crafted Walking Stick, Created and Crafted by Tomas Turner  

Just beautiful.  I hope to save up some money and get one of these exellent looking walking sticks.   If you like walking through the woods, like I do, a staff is excellent company, LOL.

Ezekiel 37 speaks of dead bodies being resurrected. He than goes on to say that God told him to take the stick (in Hebrew etzwhich can also mean wood, or tree) and to write upon it, For Judah and for the Children of Israel who are joined to him, i.e. For The Jews. He was told to take another stick and write upon it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim and for all the House of Israel who are joined unto him (37:16). He was then told to join them together and they were to one (37:17). Bystanders saw Ezekiel fulfill these symbolic actions and asked him what their meaning was? The reply was that Judahand Israel(the Lost Ten Tribes) are destined to be (37:19-21) gathered together into the land of Israel and there re-united. They are to become one kingdom and one king shall rule over them (37:22). This King is referred to as David. He will be either a descendant of David or King David resurrected. The united Israelites shall keep the Law (37:24). God will dwell amongst them and the Tabernacle-Temple will be rebuilt (37:27-28). We learn from this the two entities Judah and Joseph will remain separate from each other until the end times. Commentators saw the niceties of the Hebrew original in the above passage as indicating that: (a) The re-unification must take place initially through our own initiative. Ezekiel is told to take the sticks and write upon them and join them together in his own hands but then God makes them one in HIS hand (37:19). In the Last Days most of the nations of the world represented by Gog and Magog will rage war on the United Kingdom of Israel and be defeated (Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39).

Very cool stuff!!
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