Friday, December 11, 2009

Just Interesting, More Flying Pyramids and a Strange Spiral (Update 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

 Even if they are fake. It's really strange that these things keep popping up. UFO Pyramid Over Moscow Video

(Update 1)
At the "Phantoms and Monsters" blog an unusual story was brought to my attention. Another triangle in the sky at the scene of an accident in NH. Link here to the article at the blog:  Unusual Triangle Shaped Anomaly Recorded at Portsmouth, NH Truck Accident Site

(Update 2)
'Nother little "triangle" story that caught my eye:  FOR KIDS: Scientists explain mystery of triangular snowflakes 

(Update 3)

Longer video of the floating pyramid above Red Square. Really neat video.

Out of Egypt, you say. Hmmmmmm! Stranger and stranger.

(Update 4)

     This story seems to be growing.    Wonder if we'll see more of these appearing over other places.    Spinning faster as they do.     Story from the TelegraphUFO pyramid reported over Kremlin A giant pyramid which appears to be a UFO hovering over the Kremlin has caused frenzied speculation in Russia that it is an alien spacecraft.

Curiouser and curiouser.

(Update 5)

New story (well, new to me) about the russian, Red Square flying pyramid:  Fox News, UFO Flies Over Russia's Kremlin?
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