Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Drop of Water Mamushka Reminder (With Some Payne)

This was an incredible video.  Everytime I see it I think, Mamushka, LOL!

It makes you wonder just what is really going on with reality and the way it really functions.   From gravity, to the supernal heat of stars, and the governing laws of timespace itself.   It is really an awe inspiring place we live in.   Now if that just doesn't totally blow your freakin' mind, just think that there is a creator, beyond time, beyond space.   There was no time until he made it, it really does give you that "Un-named Feeling".    LOL!
Kinda makes me feel like "Major Payne" when he got the hug from the little boy for solving his "boogyman" problem, LOL

Another great scene from this movie, LOL!   Had to put this one in.   Made me and my wife laugh, so hard.

Top it all off with another boogieman scene from one of my favorite movies "Watchmen"

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