Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hand and Foot or A Kick in the Butt or a Punch on the Nose

Let us all laugh at a terrorists woes.  LOL, Happy to see another terrorist "bite the dust":  Israelis rush to join Mossad after Mahmoud al-Mabhouh killing   Did Israel's Mossad do it?    Don't know.   If they did though, hope they get more of them.

On the technical side of things, and right up my alley is this neat story from the Robots in America blog:  DARPA to Spearhead New Robotic Hand Initiative

Goes like hand and foot, LOL.

Robotic foot article:  Robot Foot


 Interesting things are at hand or afoot, take your pick, LOL.

High Speed Robotic Hands

Some of the video's above remind me of Bishop's high speed, high stakes game of knifey/handy, LOL.

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