Friday, February 5, 2010

LOL, Don't Drink and Post

 Probably consumed a little too much tequila last night, LOL.   I really enjoy having some good tequila and Tres Mujeres is probably the best I've ever had.   Good taste, that lovely burn as it passes through your system and no headache the next mornin'.    LOL.    I bought two bottles at a really neat store in Kenosha, Wisconsin, that my brother-in-law and his family like.   The store is Tenuta's and it is a neat store and deli.  Wines, cheeses, liquor of all types, LOL.    Really neat place.   They have a website here:  Tenuta's - A Kenosha Tradition Since 1950!     They didn't have the Tres Mujeres last time we visited and we asked for it, but they stock it now and good thing too, I would have had to ask again, LOL.   This particular tequila has a very mild smell, to me anyway, but after the first drink the burn hits and it bites you in the boo-boo, LOL.    Not a good choice for those who have never drank an alcoholic beverage before, work your way up to this one, LOL.

 Link to Tres Mujeres  

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