Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fake Oil Disaster (Update1, 2)

I have thought that the Gulf Oil Disaster had been faked, for whatever reason.   More and more evidence for this keeps popping up.   Really, this stuff just keeps pissing me off, something royal.  Jeff Grupp over at Anti-Matter Radio has pointed this out also.  

(Update 1)
August 7, 2010, 1:55 PM EST

The disaster that never was.   Interesting article from The Daily MailDisaster that never was: Why claims that BP created history's worst oil spill may be the most cynical spin campaign ever

Quote from Article:
Yet, as I saw this week, nothing could be further from the truth. Strolling along the beach for an hour, I found just one, pea-sized tar-ball which crumbled to nothing between my fingers.

Ahhh to believe the gubbermint and be blissfully ignorant again, LOL!!!

(Update 2)
August 8, 2010, 1:00 PM EST

Some funny business going on with this post.  Everytime I try to make a link it screws up the link address.   Very funny you M#*#@(*#$**#.    Now with my anger out of the way I wanted to point out an interesting post over at The Big Wobble blog.    It's almost cartoony errors that are pointed out, much like the 911 stuff that should have been caught with the video trickery going on there.   It's almost too easy to see the discrepencies in the video's being shown, like they wanted someone to find it.   I simply cannot believe that this is not being done for a reason.   What reason?   I do not have a clue, yet!    Much like the 911 stuff I feel that this is all an attempt to destroy the United States.    If it were ever to be fully realized that our government had a hand in that false flag it wouldn't be pretty.   Like everything though, governments can't do squat, it's individuals that do these things.   They make a choice whether to do them.   The gun doesn't shoot anyone, without someone to pull the trigger.
Anyway enough of my rant.   The post over at The Big Wobble is here: A Tale Of Two Wells,  and the video that caught my attention is below.

I won't call this an update, just an add-in later, LOL.   It happened so fast.   I received this in my email updates and thought it really well done:  911 New 3D analysis
It could be something, like the above oil disaster, that they want people to catch.  Divide and conquer maybe?   Can't say at the moment.   What I absolutely do not find f@#*@ amuzing is equating 911 Truth with Holocaust denial, Gosh Damnit!   When you do that crap it just seems to convolute the argument.   Sorta like, well never mind.   I just don't like it.   I sure as hell don't like being labeled either by idiots.   I don't appreciate Alex Jones, never talking about video trickery, as if it doesn't or can't exist.   If you want to have those sorts of minds go back with the leaders of the Catholic church and don't look through the telescope, stay ignorant if you want, I am not going to. - 9/11 New 3D Analysis Video

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