Monday, April 9, 2012

Strange Days (Update)

Strange Days

Strange days indeed.

Caged and handled with no care.

Diagnosis of healing.

The extraction of the Thoth implements on the blackjack of April.

Then insertion of my Horus enhancement replacements.

Made possible, through the willingness of Genesis.

The healing moments after, carry me through, to the rainbow degree of years.

An end, mercifully, of my pain and sufferings.

An change will then occur,

I will become, something other.

I imagine, high changes, will begin occuring then.

It seems, delays, are tolerated no longer.

A quickening? I miss listening to you Art. Thank you.

Thank you, my merciful Hashem.

Strange days indeed.
Nightghost, for now.

(Update - 4/27/2012)
      LOL!   Surprisingly, after the insertion of my implants, that strange skin rash that would afflict my body has all but disappeared.   Hope that is a good sign!

Something New, LOL!

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