Thursday, February 28, 2013

LOL! ユー敵をありがとうございます!



Creepy Gaming : Ep.5 // Sonic CD Hidden Message



Infinite Chaser

LOL!   Weird series of searches led me to this.

INFINITE(인피니트) _ The Chaser(추격자) MV


Maybe, it was the Supernatural Prometheus, LOL!

Supernatural - Season 8 - Episode 16, "Remember the Titans"

Then...another chaser shows up, LOL!


UFO Causes Accident! Travels Through Tunnel In Germany 26/02/2013 (LIVE CAM)

Wonder what is being "chased" with this story:  President Harrison J. Bounel

Maybe, it's his monkey god's tail, LOL:  India monkey god idol for Obama

and seriously, now, everything that is bothering me is gonna' have a tentacle shoved straight up its noompa, and not in the good way.


Friday, February 22, 2013

A Swine Will Rise.......

Oh Man!!   This looks grooooooovy, LOL!   Frictional games set to make another scary one, LOL!   I'm there, dude!   

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Halloween Teaser


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tennis Ball Apocalypse Mayhem

LOL!   Strange, and I just noticed it, but the lowly tennis ball has been showing up today, for some reason and in the oddest places.   "Always, pay attention" is my new motto, so shout out to the tennis ball, LOL!

How To Make A Penn Tennis Ball

Who knew I would find a zombie tennis ball link, LOL!

Official Super Zombie Tennis Launch Trailer

y tu Cthulhu?????

Plankton, with his new pet, even gets in on the act. 

Plankton's Pet


Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Giant Crystal McDonald

Sounds like a title that may be a little misleading, LOL!   My youngest daughter, who has autism, keeps telling me about McDonald Island.   She even had me help her find it on Google Earth.  She says there is a giant crystal and magic crystals on it.   She has been seeing strange things lately, I won't go into details, but she has been, rather, insistent about McDonald Island and the crystals today, for some reason.   Strange, that this is happening, but not unexpected.  So, I thought I would put it down here.

Heard Island

Heard and McDonald Islands (Interesting, when I looked for this, these guys came up on the top of the list, LOL)

Heard Island and McDonald Islands

Now, I am off, to put on "The Simpsons Movie", that she wants to watch, LOL!

The Simpsons Movie -  Trailer


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Destruction of the Cabin in the Woods...Rise of the Old Ones

Couldn't help, but notice the really interesting synchromystisism in the headlines.

Cabin in the Woods - Trailer

All the pictures of Mr. Chris Dorner he seemed so happy and smiling (the joker?).

Couldn't also help, notice what was said in one news report, literally seconds from each other, "White smoke rising from the cabin", then "Black smoke rising from the cabin".

Dorner in the Cabin   -  White Smoke, Black Smoke (Why do I want to call him Donner, all of the time?   Strange?!?)  Soon as I find the video news report, I'll put it here.

Chris Dorner - Cabin in the Woods - Burners

Those statements stuck in my head, mainly because they were so close to one another.    White and black smoke, for a new pope perhaps?  Tom Horn and Chris Putnam, being right, because of an ancient Catholic prophecy.

Rise of the Old Ones.  The Cabin In The Woods - The Ancient Ones (MOVIE ENDING)

Also, from an episode of my favorite series, Supernatural:

 Supernatural - Lucifer Kills Pagan Gods

Interesting.   What say you, Cthulhu?   LOL!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Two-Pronged Assault On My Sensibilities

LOL!   That title just came to me, LOL!    Two things sticking in my head like super-glue, so I just gotta put 'em down to electronic paper.   First, this little diddy just won't leave, can't get it out of my head.   One of my favorites, Mr. Richard Hoagland, being interviewed on "The Unexplained Paranormal Podcast with Howard Hughes", quoted a saying, that I have never heard, put that way.

Richard Hoagland on The Unexplained (Enjoy Howard's show, LOL!), talking and the quote starts at the 15 minute mark then goes to 15:30, so thirty seconds, but stuck in my head.   Have a listen, if you're intrigued, LOL!
Complete show here:  The Unexplained Paranormal Podcast with Howard Hughes - Richard Hoagland, Edition 104

Then, there is the other one, LOL!  Clyde Lewis at Ground Zero Radio has slip of the tongue and a name pops out, LOL!   It starts at the 54 minute,  19 second  mark, and only goes a few seconds, but my few seconds of fame have come and gone, LOL!   It happens, so fast nowadays, LOL!  I thought it was cute, anyway, LOL!

Complete show here:  'Exo-Cathedra: The Second Incarnation' w/ Cris Putnam - February 5, 2013

Were you thinking of me Mr. Lewis.   LOL!   Love Clyde's show!

Love those two shows and their, interesting words; just wouldn't leave my head.