Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Destruction of the Cabin in the Woods...Rise of the Old Ones

Couldn't help, but notice the really interesting synchromystisism in the headlines.

Cabin in the Woods - Trailer

All the pictures of Mr. Chris Dorner he seemed so happy and smiling (the joker?).

Couldn't also help, notice what was said in one news report, literally seconds from each other, "White smoke rising from the cabin", then "Black smoke rising from the cabin".

Dorner in the Cabin   -  White Smoke, Black Smoke (Why do I want to call him Donner, all of the time?   Strange?!?)  Soon as I find the video news report, I'll put it here.

Chris Dorner - Cabin in the Woods - Burners

Those statements stuck in my head, mainly because they were so close to one another.    White and black smoke, for a new pope perhaps?  Tom Horn and Chris Putnam, being right, because of an ancient Catholic prophecy.

Rise of the Old Ones.  The Cabin In The Woods - The Ancient Ones (MOVIE ENDING)

Also, from an episode of my favorite series, Supernatural:

 Supernatural - Lucifer Kills Pagan Gods

Interesting.   What say you, Cthulhu?   LOL!


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