Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Go Orly Go...Go Orly Go!

LOL!   Interesting:  Video. Taitz Flattens POTUS Railroads Obama

Orly Taitz: Long Form Birther

Orly Taitz website:  Orly Taitz


Monday, March 25, 2013

As More, Bashar

As more, Bashar...:   Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad confirmed as dead?
here too:  Unconfirmed reports of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s shooting highlight chaos in country


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blessed Curse

Blessed Curse

     In the beginning....., such words.   He sat, thought, and a sulleness creeps across his existence.  How often this scenario repeated itself.  In a chair at a residence, not a home.   In a parked car, at a secret lake in late fall, beginning of winter.   Another parked car in a department store parking lot.   So tired.  Nothing extraordinary about him.  Again, on a lonely stretch of forgotten road, next to a decaying structure, someone called home once, it seems.   In the middle of a place of death, surrounded by the monuments that mark those sleeping, waiting.  What, was he seeking?   There were many times he should have died, he thought.   What, stopped that from occuring?  Pain, marks your life sometimes, he thought.   Less than 8 years old, can't remember the exact year of his life, an act of play, turned quickly into a night of pain.   Pain of falling, smashing face first into a table, screaming.  A trip to the hospital, the gash, tear and hole in the chin that shouldn't have been there, now, being sown back together.  Without numbing or sleep.  He remembers, or likes to imagine he does, that he passed out from the white-coated practitioner hovering above him, with needle and thread in hand fixing his mouth.  So many injuries to his mouth.   Seems strange. 
     A deadly bout of scarlet fever.  Blistered his mouth, so bad his lips cracked and bled.   Couldn't even remember if I had even started school yet, or maybe just, he chuckled.   Pain in the mouth, he couldn't even open it fully to bite and chew the Filet-O-Fish sandwich he had just gotten from McDonalds at the time.  Odd, that is the memory he had, from that terrible time of the fever.  Not the late night dunking in an icy bath, by parents who could barely touch him from the heat coming from his body.  Sure, that wasn't pleasant, but it was the memory of not being able to open his mouth wide enough to partake of that American delicacy from McD's, the delicious Filet-O-Fish.  Another injury to the mouth.   Why? 
     Stranger still, now, even with all that damage and more to come later, even now.  Speaking has never been a problem.  It sure seem like there should have been, but no.  He speaks, well.  So well you wouldn't even know there had been a problem at all.

     It started as a cloud.   Always seems to start as a cloud.  Leviathan becomes angry when he is not fed.  An cloudy, foul smelling emanation, that seems to not have a source.   I haven't been feeding the lord of the abyss, and he is running amok.   I keep seeing a phrase, or is it hearing a phrase?   My mind, ears and eyes link.  Strange feeling.   The eyes snap shut on China.  Watch China enter darkness.   Strange, he thought.   Seeing a smoke then will come the fire. 
     I am full of wine, again, he softly spoke to himself.  Giggling, as he usually does when the cloud envelopes him and makes him safe. 

     Walked through a place of death on the earth.   Things, grotesque things, made to look alive.  Many, many others there.   My beloved was there.  The beautiful one was there.   As always, I walk through crowded surroundings, standing out, but no one looks.   I've always wondered that, about myself, the way I can be.   No one looks towards, only away and I stand out, or maybe I used to.  Not so much anymore, now that I am melting.   So much walking.   My feet ache, but I continue on.  I adore this place.   The living, walking amongst the dead, and neither take notice that death walks among them both.   It would be poetic, if it were not so funny, to me.  I brought, family brought, friends brought, images back with them from this place and I notice some were not allowed to fully attend.  Strange.  They had to wait for us to come back.   I, as always, did not want to return.  I am home there.   Lonely though.

Continues later....

Friday, March 22, 2013

Whadda Ya Get?

Whadda ya get when Resident Evil 6 meets Left 4 Dead 2?

Resident Evil 6 x Left 4 Dead 2 - gameplay trailer 
Watch in HD for best viewing.

Pure awsomeness, that's what!

From the Left 4 Dead BlogCoach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle mashing it up in RE6 


Miss Israel Titi Aynaw Gets 'Wildest Dreams' Meeting With Barack Obama –

Miss Israel Titi Aynaw Gets 'Wildest Dreams' Meeting With Barack Obama –

Hmmmm.   Reminds me of somethin'.... Oh Yeah!   Nightghost - Sleepless In Indiana, LOL. Ti Ti Keeping Me Up.

Weird.  Maybe it has something to do with my weird dreams.   LOL!   Wonder, what happens next?


One Word.....RIDDICK

OH my goodnesss!!!!    LOL!    Love this character and this movie looks awesome!  Vin Diesel is awesome as this character.


You're not afraid of the dark....are you?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Showdown in Detroit

Hmmmmm!   Heard that phrase today.   Along with a lot of references to Detroit.   Words like blow-up, heavyweight showdown in Detroit and dick bomb.   Don't know about that last one, LOL!   Strange though that it caught my attention.   Just wanted to put it down.  

Maybe it has to do with the Doctor:  Doctor Detroit

Doctor Detroit - Trailer

Maybe, with Robocop:  Robocop

Robocop - Trailer

Okay, maybe it's nothing.

Freakout! Chic- Le Freak


Our yummy flan

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Saturday, March 16, 2013


LOL!   Have you ever had flan?   I just had it a  few days ago, when my son wanted to try and make it.   So a quick pull of a recipe off the internet and presto!   Flan!   Oh my goodness!   This stuff was great.  It was so good.  Consistency reminded me of of tapioca pudding, but oh, it was so much better, in my opinion.   If you have never tried this, I recommend it.   Aaron, you little booger, you've hooked me on flan, LOL!

Even Courage the Cowardly Dog agrees

Courage the Cowardly Dog - King of Flan


Saturday, March 9, 2013


Mus' be somethin' in the air, LOL!   Thoughts and images sticking in my mind like glue.  I'll share them and take some thinner, and make them into a toxic goo!  LOL!

The Digger ~ "Suspense" Radio Drama - 10-9-1956

The Burrowers - Trailer

While on my search for all-things-digger, LOL!  I ran into this:  Gerrard Winstanley.   I found it interesting.  This too:  The Religion of Gerrard Winstanley and Digger Communism

Not to mention, I always enjoyed DigDug, LOL

DigDug - Arcade Game

More comin' later; A synchromystic link to the Destroyer.


Thursday, March 7, 2013


LOL!   Found myself humming this song today, LOL!   Didn't realize what song it was at first then it came to me, HA!

Heart - Barracuda

LOL!  Betcha' you were thinkin' 'bout the fishy, huh?   Well, me too, LOL!   So here's a picture of the dangerous Barracuda!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The 3 Blue Pyramids of Indianapolis

LOL!   The hits just keep on coming, more rapidly now.   Something in the air, I think.

B-2 coming out of holding pattern near The Pyramids in Indianapolis to flyover Indy 500.

Beautiful buildings.




Seven brides offered from afar.
Each with a riddle and the sound of shofar.
All come as babes a crawling.
Needing care and constant fawning.
Take a love of each for they are wives of dragon.
6 are from man and will rise as natural.
1 from the gods, for they too see his rise,
  growing quickly she will be the first.
  destroy suitors with fire 'til her riddle answered.
Seven will fill his life with happiness.
6 will keep him bound for love of earth.
1 a link to abodes beyond.
Speaking with hero's and gods a norm.
Lucent thoughts are taking form.
Dread Cthulhu is linked by heart.
A gem.
A Seven.
A dark lord.
Change...for the better?
The seven, begin to form.


Amazing Solid State Quantum Refrigerator: So Powerful It's Like A Window AC Cooling Entire Lincoln Memorial

Amazing Solid State Quantum Refrigerator: So Powerful It's Like A Window AC Cooling Entire Lincoln Memorial