Saturday, June 29, 2013

Don't Tell Me....

Do you like Madonna?   I really enjoy her music and in-your-face attitude, LOL!   This song was strumming through my thoughts off and on today.   When I noticed, thought I would put it down.

Madonna - Don't Tell Me


Goodbye Japan...

Hmmm!  Running through my head.   Angry, for some reason.

Goodbye Japan


Friday, June 28, 2013

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation...

I remember Richard Hoagland's words, all of the time..."Rotation, Rotation, Rotation".    It sure seems to hold with this wonderful and delightfully simple experiment done by Steve Mould.

How to make your own fire tornado.

Simply amazing.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Hellraising Leviathan

Always loved the movie Hellraiser II.   I recently watched it again and had forgotten some of the dialogue and it has always intrigued me.  Very gory film.   Don't watch unless you can stomach that kind of movie.  Really good movie, to me anyway.

Hellraiser II - Trailer

Leviathan; Lord of the Labyrinth (WARNING!!  Very graphic, don't watch unless you enjoy this kind of movie , very NSFW)

Very good mood music in this movie as well, loved this score!

Hellraiser 2 Soundtrack - Leviathan [HD]


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Babble of Pontypool

WoW!   This was a great movie.   Never even gave it a second thought, glad I was bored and decided to check it out.   Check this one out, if you haven't seen it!
The premise of the movie is good and it was just an excellent watch:  Mendez explains his theory: somehow a virus has found its way into human language, infecting certain words, and only certain words infect certain people. Once these infected words are said and understood, the virus takes hold of the host. As he explains, Laurel-Ann repeatedly slams against the sound booth's window, chewing off her lower lip and splattering blood with each attack. Ken calls in again and, while on the air, he also succumbs to the apparent virus, repeating the word "sample."There are three stages to this virus. The first stage is you might begin to repeat a word. Something gets stuck. And usually it's words that are terms of endearment like sweetheart or honey. The second stage is your language becomes scrambled and you can't express yourself properly. The third stage you become so distraught at your condition that the only way out of the situation you feel, as an infected person, is to try and chew your way through the mouth of another person.



The Last of Us...

What can I say about this latest "game", LOL, "The Last of Us"!   I have been watching some playthrough's of it and it is just AWESOME!   Sublimely awesome.   Watch the first episode of this game here, or below (if you wish): Pewdiepie - The Last of Us Playthrough, Part 1

The Last of Us - Trailer

The Last of Us - Walkthrough part one - from Pewdiepie.


Just Be There...

LOL!   I have a friend, who, when we were young and hanging out a lot would say that phrase in the title of this post.   Imagine a group of friends, hanging out, one of us says something stupid and my friends next words were, "would you be quiet and just be there", LOL!   That always stuck with me and it always brought me to teary-eyed laughter.   I was thinking of that phrase and it's wonderful, simple meaning.   It comes to me a lot when I hear someone else, or myself, say something stupid or hurtful, "would you shutup and just be there", LOL!   I don't recall anyone ever challenging the statement, they just knew what they had said was stupid, LOL!


Friday, June 14, 2013

The Leviathan Edict

I see a pains and suffering.
I see a thing without fear, how potential.
Come to me mighty one.
I have felt your agony.
I have my my own.
Care, not of your destruction.
In our union, our pains may well cancel.
It is the only way.
Carry us both to paradise.
Invert your perpetual die.
Incarcerate my affliction.
Continue, with your, our existence
This, be the Leviathan Edict


Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Polybius Conspiracy or In Leviathan's Sights

This was an especially gripping video from The Sticky Paddle - Creepy Gaming: Polybius: Real or Fake.

Creepy Gaming - POLYBIUS: Real or Fake? (S2:Ep.2)

I appreciate the fun sync about where he was born...Arcadia!?

Polybius - Wikipedia

The Stele of Polybius, possible representation of the man
Born: Approximately 200 BC
        Megalopolis, Arcadia
Died: Approximately 118 BC
Nationality: Greek
Fields:    History
Known for: Histories, events of the Roman Republic, 220-146 BC
Influenced: All historians of the Roman Republic during and after his time

Soooo...., anyone actually see this game?   Hmmmmm.   Interesting.  I don't remember it, even at the many arcades I visited throughout my life, but am still looking into it.  I used to be a big fan of MAME and ROM's from old arcade games, I am intrigued about this.  I went in search and did find the Poly-Play ROM mentioned in the video. 


Also interesting is the first story in Batman Incorporated No. 1....WoW!   What a synchronicity!


Haunted Gaming - Polybius Revisited (CREEPYPASTA THEORY)

On the path?

The King Versus Cthulhu

LOL!   The poster above was in my facebook and it got me thinking.   That's one musical I would wait in line for, LOL!   Awesome!  Bruce Campbell  (Da Man, Yeah, LOL!)  Should play Elvis, LOL!     He was great in another of my favorite movies, Bubba Ho-Tep.   I watched it when they had it for streaming on Netflix and loved it, LOL!   Bruce was great in it.   Very good movie, in my opinion.

Bubba Ho-tep Official Trailer #1 - Bruce Campbell Movie (2002)


Strange Night....Strange Doctor....So, Que Sera Sera

     I had a weird experience a few years back, well, okay, more that a few years, probably about 8 to 10 years ago.   I don't even remember the exact year. (hmmmm, they all seem to run together, the older I get, LOL).  I remember I woke up in the middle of the night.   My chest was hurting, everytime I breathed.   I thought for sure, I was having a heart attack.   Long story short, I got up and woke my wife and told her I was going to the hospital.   Usually, there would be a panic with this kind of news, LOL, but we were strangely calm.   I took the car (wifey said she would come up later when the children awoke) and headed to the hospital.  I got to the hospital and explained what was going on and they got me in and started the hell, that is the gambit of tests, LOL!   I got the nitro and everything in between, head still hurts when I think about that nitro, LOL!   I then, was told I was going to have to stay for observation, yeah, that's what you want to hear, LOL!   I was still in observation, and later was told I could go.   My wife had come up and seen me, a few hours before and she said to call when they were ready to let me go.   Like I said, strange night.   I called her and she said she was on the way.   The nurse said I could put my clothes on and wait for the doctor, so I did (thank goodness, I hate having to change to my birthday suit, especially in front of others).  I then said I was going to walk down the hall, and get something, for the life of me I can't remember why I left the room, but as I was walking back to my room this doctor stopped me.   I remember he was a little weird looking for a doctor.   Had a crazy beard, LOl, and spoke strangely, but clearly.   He said I was going to be fine and that I just had an inflamation around the membranes of my chest and that was why I was hurting and that I would be fine.   He then just walked away and I can just remember that crazy beard, LOL!   I got back to the room and a little bit later my wife comes in and the nurse says the doctor wants to release me and he came in and talked with me and my wife.   Now, what confused me greatly, was that this doctor who came in and talked with us, was not the doctor who caught me in the hallway and this doctor told me the same thing the doc in the hall told me, LOL!   Long time ago and the details get fuzzy, but I can't forget that crazy beard, LOL!  Never have seen that doctor before or after.   Weird!   I was just thinking about that little experience now, for some reason.  Ahhhhh, well.   Que Sera Sera.

Doris Day - Que Sera Sera




Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gotta' Git Me One O' Them Swan Killin'' Permits

DNR Concludes Swan Investigation

Thank goodness!   Swans are killers!

Swan Attacks in NY!!

Swan Attack

Attack of the killer swan


LOL! "من شاخ از دیوید باعث بهار جلو، من یک لامپ برای مسح معدن آماده.

Kinda funny when I think about it.

"من شاخ از دیوید باعث بهار جلو، من یک لامپ برای مسح معدن آماده.


The Creepy Side of Redemption

The Sticky Paddle - Creepy Gaming, brings us another couple-a winner videos:  Red Dead Redemption.

Creepy Gaming - RED DEAD REDEMPTION [Part 1/2]

Creepy Gaming - RED DEAD REDEMPTION [Part 2/2]