Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Polybius Conspiracy or In Leviathan's Sights

This was an especially gripping video from The Sticky Paddle - Creepy Gaming: Polybius: Real or Fake.

Creepy Gaming - POLYBIUS: Real or Fake? (S2:Ep.2)

I appreciate the fun sync about where he was born...Arcadia!?

Polybius - Wikipedia

The Stele of Polybius, possible representation of the man
Born: Approximately 200 BC
        Megalopolis, Arcadia
Died: Approximately 118 BC
Nationality: Greek
Fields:    History
Known for: Histories, events of the Roman Republic, 220-146 BC
Influenced: All historians of the Roman Republic during and after his time

Soooo...., anyone actually see this game?   Hmmmmm.   Interesting.  I don't remember it, even at the many arcades I visited throughout my life, but am still looking into it.  I used to be a big fan of MAME and ROM's from old arcade games, I am intrigued about this.  I went in search and did find the Poly-Play ROM mentioned in the video. 


Also interesting is the first story in Batman Incorporated No. 1....WoW!   What a synchronicity!


Haunted Gaming - Polybius Revisited (CREEPYPASTA THEORY)

On the path?

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