Friday, August 2, 2013

How to Pronounce 53 (Update)

Hope this is about Half-Life 3, LOL! I'm waitin'

How to Pronounce 53

Inside Gaming (Video G... : HALF LIFE 3 on PS4 and XBOX

Ever seen a Unicorn - Half-Life 3

Update 8/3/2013: 4:50

   In lieu of this post, it happens that Mullet Mike at the Sticky Paddle brings us a Half-Life Creepy Gaming episode, wonderful timing, LOL!    I agree with Mike, I am not gonna totally believe it, until I have the freakin' game in my freakin' hands, LOL!  (Love The Sticky Paddle videos, LOL)

Creepy Gaming - HALF LIFE G-Man Theory

Also, concerning the G-Man, it sure seems, he is a Nyarlathotep like, character, to me anyway.   The elder-gods being his employers, so-to-speak.   Just my humble opinion.


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