Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Altitude". Donnie Darko of the Skies, Kiss and Take a Bite!

Oh my goodness!   I have just seen, one of the most synchromystic movies, to be fed to my brain, Altitude.   This not-so-well-known movie, was a surprise and a delight.  I can see why it was trying to hide from me, LOL!   Such an ending, very cool and unexpected.   Harkens me back to a post of mine, I made awhile ago: Can the Past be Changed, What Effect on the Future?

Altitude - Trailer

My daughter was looking for something to watch and I knew I had wanted to see this for a long time, just could never find it, anywhere, and there it popped up to watch, so I partook of this wonderful bit of synchronicity, LOL!   I was not disappointed.   I guess, it was eye-opening, for me anyway.  Really good movie, even without the undertones of weirdness that has been happening lately.  I highly, highly, highly, recommend you see this film.

It doesn't have the great music of Donnie Darko, but it is just as good in the right ways, to me anyway, LOL!

Donnie Darko - Trailer

 Looks like I still need that kiss, though, ROTFL!

Kiss - Tom Jones

Leviathan is with me, c'mon, take a bite!


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