Sunday, September 22, 2013

Judaculla Rock, Williwaw, Willawaw and a Shadow Out of Time

I was looking at some interesting stuff (lots of interesting stuff, these days, LOL) and one that caught my eye was this interesting article:  Judaculla Rock.

The graphic below is on the site and below the graphic here, is an interesting comment from the article that grabbed hold of me, as well, with its tentacles, LOL!

Comment from article:  This appears to be a story of an ancient sea voyage and the stars that they sailed under. At the bottom of the stone just right of center, there are four dots that appear to be stars in the form of the constellation Cassiopeia. Near the northeastern edge of the rock there are three stars in the form of an upside-down triangle with a fourth star a short distance from the bottom star in the triangle.To the right of Cassiopeia is what appears to be a Viking long boat with unfurled main sail. The boat appears to be broken past the mast to the rear of the boat.The symbol right beside (left) the boat is an octopus. You can tell this by the bulbous head and the eight legs, or tentacles, attached to it. It appears, in part, to be the story of how Vikings came to this country, yet had their ship destroyed by a giant octopus.

This stuff today, just brought a funny image and remembrance to my thoughts of Scooby Doo and the Willawaw.

Scooby Doo - Watch Out! The Willawaw!

"Great Winds", always brings that one H.P. Lovecraft tale, "Shadow Out of Time", to mind, LOL! 
Love the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre show of this tale, my favorite so far, but Mountains of Madness comes a very close 2nd place to it.

The Shadow Out of Time


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