Monday, September 16, 2013

The Musical PI, Walking Dead Sync

Feelin' pretty low yesterday, hope I'm writing this as a prophecy today, to have it post automatically  tomorrow.   Hopefully title it The Musical Sync - Feelin' Fine, instead of just The Musical Sync.  We'll see.

I love The Walking Dead.   Watched every episode so far.   Waiting for Season 4, LOL!

The Walking Dead - Start Trailer

What started this post, was a musical score I heard while watching the movie PI.  It was one scene in particular, when Max was drawing around a sore, that he had discovered on his head.  The lovely music of that scene, hit a nerve and brought those images from The Walking Dead and that beautiful music The Mercy of the Living - Bear McCreary.   I did feel lots better and watched the video on YouTube over and over, listening to that music.   So soothing,....eerily similar.

PI, Max Drawing On His Head Around the Mark

The Mercy of the Living - Bear McCreary - The Walking Dead

As far as the picture above, I just thought, that powerful scene with Rick and the crawling zombie, needed some perspective, LOL!   Great, great and possibly the greatest series on TV or movies I have ever seen.   Stunning!

Rick and the Crawling Zombie

Just dark and beautiful at the same time.

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