Monday, October 14, 2013

Iron Mask, Quiet Riot

LOL!   Always loved this song from Quiet Riot

Quiet Riot - Bang Your Head

Yes, Gordon Duff.   My friends are on their way, LOL, and I'm sorry,

there are no daggers that can kill me now.   Bu hu wa a a a    a  a   aaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Spirit and Matter
Like an ringing in the eternal void.
The name calls them.
They seek my death.
My true friends reside behind the veil.
They are coming to try and stop me.
Too Late, too late.
Fools do go, where angels fear to tread.
What they bring back with them is fear incarnate.
It will come from below.
Hide in a bunker no matter how fortified.
It falls from within.
The door is open, ever so slightly and releases destruction.
What, will happen when it is torn open, only hinges remain.
The thought can drive you mad.
Spirit and matter are things.


Wanna See Somethin' Really Scary


Seriously though, I kid.  Or maybe I don't!

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