Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Last? The First? Action of "The Penitent Man"

No, not "the thinker", "The Penitent Man", LOL!   I just finished watching a movie, and it has topped my list.  Usually, anything Lance Henriksen does, tops my list.   I really enjoy watching that man in a movie.   The Millenium TV series is one of my favorites.   Still don't know why, that hasn't made it to Netflix yet (hint, hint), LOL!   Anyway, check this movie out, if you haven't already.   Really, well done.

The Penitent Man - Trailer

Remember, Indiana Jones taught us that lesson, LOL!

The Penitent Man Will Pass

Penitent.   I don't think, that it is Israel that needs to repent.   It is the nations or mankind.  All of Israel is righteous.  Thoughts, coming to and fro, hard to keep an even keel.  Israel is to mankind as Eve is to Adam.   Weep with joy, carry her over the threshold.  Damn the g_ds, and hold tight to your beloved, this is what Hashem desires.  Afterwards, clothing is put on?   So you would think, but our creations starts us naked and not ashamed.   Place on your coverings, the temple, then the tower.  Praise and thanksgiving to Hashem, for each other.  The sin in the garden, was our failure to protect her when she was placed before us.   I see, Hashem.  I care not, what others think.   Let those, of flesh or fire, that stand between ours desire, come to the table and consume each other.  I will weep not, for them.  Even enemies speak truth.

Penitent  or  Proposal?   That, is the question.

We Gotta Get Right Back

Thank you Hashem, for Israel

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