Friday, November 1, 2013

Of Barges and Holograms

    I see that there are some mysterious barges being reported.  Parked at different coordinates, like this one, The Verge - Google plans to dock mystery barge at former Army post in San Francisco.   Parked at a military base in San Francisco?    I smell a hologram, LOL!   I have said before, that I heard, that even the Phoenix Lights were hoaxed using holograms.   Intersecting ultra-violet light beams and at the point they intersect photons are released.   Just my humble opinion on what the barges are for.  Especially, if you wanted to simulate an alien invasion or whatever, using this technology.   Which, could be a reason for the "chemtrails" as well.   Just a few thoughts.

TOP SECRET: Google 'Floating Structures' on Both Coasts

3D Holographic Projection

An Iron Man Like 3d Hologram Controlled by Leap Motion and Three.js

Remember this?  CNN Hologram TV

This was very eye-opening, LOL

corpvid312x176 from jeff on Vimeo.

Also, could be used to simulate alien players in a football game with humans?   Huh, huh?   LOL!

Aliens make first contact Beckenbauer

Then I ran into this interesting barge story:  Mysterious barge in Calif. hides CIA stealth ship


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