Sunday, December 15, 2013

Quiet the Name

Quiet the Name.

With the methodical and testing mind
  of a boring engineer.
The testing of patterns of chaos within the mind.
Step by step.  Inch by inch.  Closer and closer.
Science is an unravelling of mysteries set in motion.
Reverse engineering a composition of tone.
More than tone, less than an orchestra filling the void.
I say the name.  A light and substance that holds reality,
  creates and sustains it.
Calm and clear seem to be the way of this matter.
The real disasters begin when I refuse to speak it.
Must be why I am sleepy, I yawn, and am forced to speak it.
Set up a test and watch reality shift and shimmy.
I refuse to say the name.
Let us see what happens.
Wonder, if it's like walking in circles?
Welcome to the mad world.
I quiet, the Name.


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