Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Have A Word..

I Have A Word

I have had this dream before.
Or, should I call it a sleeping travel.
I forget.
Anyway, I have had this sleeping.
Patterns in the sand.  Gold on the corners.
A symbol, missing from the mystics
The symbol of leviathan.
I watch, and the blue power fades.
I thought it was my doing, but no.
The vision tells and shows another.
This, is the one, impeding my summoning.
So, he whose essence I can apprise.
I have word for you and the spies.
Hope you enjoy the experience.
I watch again from the vision.
My weakness and ache of muscle and bone,
proves the real.
I, secretly add the mark of leviathan.
Then stand back and watch the fun.
Things are not boring now.
It continues.
More is added.
Fading fast.
I see the returner.
On and on through time.
Almost to the darkness, but never there.
Born again and again and again.
Tired he is.   Tired.
Seen and seeming to be tired of life.
I see the flame passing, never spreading.
Now, it will spread and worlds of wonder will be open to explore.
Bless you, mighty Hashem...wonderful to console...I feel better.

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