Tuesday, March 11, 2014

So Here's the Skinny...

I'll just let the video explain it.   It is below.

Here's What's Going On and My Thoughts

I understand that the law is such that only the property that abuts the property to be zoned was to be notified.   However, I am glad that someone saw that this was happening and notified our next door neighbor and he notified us, as to what was happening.  The someone saw it on The Stacey Page, article here: APC Petitioned To Use Lamplight Restaurant For Residential Use, and then, we were able to go to two meetings, thus far, to put our input in for consideration.   The meetings were very interesting to attend to see how the government works and I find that fascinating, to a degree, LOL!   I do not like the idea of attaching that road to the property, because of the increased traffic and the fact that semi's will be using it, as they do now, to travel all the way down to the area, on a stretch of road that only can fit (barely) one car.  Another meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at the new courthouse in Warsaw, Indiana.   I will probably add to this post later.  Thanks to The Stacey Page Online for the article.


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