Thursday, May 29, 2014

If You Listen to One Radio Show This Year...

I've been a little busy for awhile.  I've only had enough time, sometimes, to play some games, record them, put them up on my YouTube Channel and having fun doing it.   Been trying to get back into the workforce, LOL, and that is consuming my time.  Anyway, I listened to a great show; Darkness Radio.   I've been listening to the Darkness Radio show for a long time now, I have made a post or two about the show.   Recently (well, recently to me anyway) I have been enjoying True Crime Tuesday's and I gotta tell ya, you have to hear this last show.  The struggle and survival of this little girl really got to me, for some reason, but I won't say much more, just to tell you to listen to this show.  Dave Schrader is such a great interviewer, in my humble opinion and I will be listening to this particular show again, and sharing it with my friends and family.   WoW!!   What a story!

Here are links to the show that I am talking about:

Darkness Radio Show 5/27 Hour 1

Darkness Radio Show 5/27 Hour 2

Darkness Radio Show 5/27 Hour 3

Other Links

Darkness Radio Show Archive Link