Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Orcish Rage Poker Face and the Land of Xen

I just finished the last episode of my playthrough of the awesome game Half-Life (moving on to Half-Life 2 now, LOL!)  and I had completely forgotten the land of Xen (Ooops, not that Xen, this Xen, LOL!).

All Half-Life Official Trailers Since 1998 - 2007

Wikipedia - Xen


Xen is an alternative dimension and is the adopted home of the Vortigaunts. A collection of asteroids hanging over a nebula, Xen is briefly featured in Half-Life and its first two expansions, Opposing Force and Blue Shift. It is often referred to as the "border world", as it is somehow involved in the teleportation process used by the Black Mesa Research Facility. The player encounters multiple types of fauna such as Headcrabs in Xen, in addition to its sentient inhabitants. The asteroids are linked with their own teleporter system, and a number of asteroids are shown to include underground factory-like areas, where Vortigaunts work to create or mature Xen's military forces.  Gravity in Xen is significantly lower than on Earth. Xen forms the setting for the closing parts of Half-Life, where Gordon Freeman travels to Xen to kill the Nihilanth and seal the spatial fracture to Black Mesa.  The player briefly visits Xen in both Opposing Force and Blue Shift as well; in the former, Adrian Shephard is forced to travel to Xen to escape an otherwise enclosed area, while in the latter, Barney Calhoun goes to Xen to align some equipment to allow Black Mesa to be evacuated using the teleporters.  After the death of the Nihilanth in Half-Life, the fracture is destabilized further, causing large amounts of Xen's wildlife to be teleported to locations across Earth.

 I should have included it in my post Of Hell and Oneiros.   Anyway, the pic at the top is a shot of what you are greeted with when you first arrive.  I had flashbacks, LOL, to Hell and Oneiros, HA!

Half-Life is one of those great games that just sticks with you long after playing and I have played through it several times and love it, just as much as the first time.   I highly recommend you try it if you haven't or just watch my playthrough and join me on a journey through Half-Life and watch for my next playthrough of Half-Life 2, another great first-person-shooter, my favorite genre of gaming.

Nightghost Plays Half-Life 1 Part1

Now, for something completely different...LOL!

As far as the Orcish Rage, LOL.  My son was watching a video and laughing his head off and he showed it to me and I laughed my head off with him after watching this, LOL, and became a subscriber!.   What were we watching, you ask?   Well, just a little Orcish Rage sung to the tune of Poker Face, LOL!   With another game I am extremely fond of, the first Warcraft, Orcs and Humans.

Let's Play Warcraft: Orcs and Humans - Episode 37 - Orcish Rage

I now rule Hell, Oneiros and Xen
Fresh from the dimensions of floating island.
Each, with its dangers and charms aplenty.
Never thought the world of man intruding.
Yet, each fell.

LOL!  Happy Gaming!

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