Friday, September 26, 2014

The Tale of Camphor Fil

The Tale of Camphor Fil (pronounced: file)

     A traveler on his way, to where, to only where he can guess.  Walking through a dense forest, not caring where his next step would land.  The next step, and he stopped.  Listening intently he made out the faint recognition of singing.   Barely audible, but his keen ears led him closer.  As he leaned into the sound towards its direction, he followed.  He, turning this way and that way.  Each step, now bringing him closer to this wonderful voice.  A voice, so alluring, as to make even his loins quake with the anticipation of a newlywed, seeing his beloved for the first time in the morning sun.  He almost bumped right into the wall, which surprised him, for it seemed to appear from nowhere in the dense growth of the forest.  Here, though, he could see the source of this siren's song.   A beautiful maiden with long hair and lovely attire was in the window of a tall spire, behind the wall and producing the song, he thought should only have come from the gods themselves.  He sat on the ground mesmerized for hours, it seemed.   After the song had stopped, and she had left the window, he still sat.  Unable to move, with tears in his eyes, listening to the echo in his minds eye.   Later still, he finally shook his head, stood up and rubbed his eyes.  He then busied himself with making a camp near the wall, but a little further out.   Lighting a fire and cooking a meal, heating some water for the coffee that he had in his pack, he ate and drank.  Without a word said, he just stared, rolling the song and voice, over and over in his mind.   When he was finally too tired to stay awake, he laid out his bedroll and fell into the deepest sleep he had ever had and just dreamed of the lovely girl and her voice.



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