Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Tick

LOL!   I was sitting at the table and my daughter noticed something on my shoulder.   She said I had a tick on my shoulder and she pinched it between her fingers and let it go in my hand.  It was dead, I noticed, LOL!   If you have ever seen a tick and pulled one off, you know they are notoriously hard to kill, when they are not full of blood.   They are practically indestructible, yet this one was dead.  Hmmmm.   Must've tried to get some of my poison blood, LOL!   Poor guy just didn't realize, my blood is deadly, HA!   Strange thing, I have never found a tick on me that had ever been sucking on me.   Heck, even mosquitoes don't bother me.   Poor guy, he was just a little feller', LOL!

tick biting human leg extreme close up lots of detail

The Tick- One of my favorite shows, LOL!  Live action and cartoon, loved them both.

The Tick Live Action & Cartoon Intro

Also, really good movie I watched a long time ago, hmm.... gotta find this one again, LOL

TICKS (1993) Trailer



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