Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Montezuma's Revenge

YouTube - Montezuma's revenge

Wikipedia - Montezuma's revenge


Five People Being Monitored For Ebola-Like Symptoms In Indiana

Five People Being Monitored For Ebola-Like Symptoms In Indiana

Indiana Prepares for Possible Ebola Outbreak

Governor on Ebola concerns: Indiana is ready

Indiana doctor with Ebola still fighting for his life


Paint the Man, Cut the Lines, PAINT THE MAN...!!!

Eerie part of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.   Enjoy?

Amnesia: The Dark Descen - Paint the man, cut the lines

Nightghost Plays Amnesia the Dark Descent Part16


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It is as Inexplicable...

My playthrough of Amnesia: The Dark Descent is as scary as it is informative and synchronistic (hope I spelled that right, LOL).  I have just passed the water monster portion (nerve wracking as hell, LOL) of this wonderful game and have ran into a curious letter: Letter Regarding the Discovery of an Orb.

Text (from graphic above): 

Letter Regarding the Discovery of an Orb
To my most trusted student and friend Johann Weyer.

The most remarkable thing happened as I was traveling through the Prussian woods this summer. I finally found one of the orbs I have been looking for the last twenty odd years. It is as inexplicable as the Heliodromus described it in the Hortus Conclusus. It was as it was told about, an underground Mithraic temple crowned with the unearthly artifact. The orb was big enough to fill my cupped 
hands and the texture was smooth and jagged - its color washed while rich. Contrast is not enough to describe its nature. It was an impossibility, an artificial paradox captured within stone.

I was staying in a nearby village called Altstadt, investigating one of the antiquated trails, when I finally found the cavern. I went inside and suddenly I could verify the truth of these enigmatic artifacts - they were real.

As you can understand, this is the most important discovery of my life, but it has also become my greatest fear. As I entered the underground chamber I could feel that I was trespassing. Because of my curiosity I did my best to fight these instincts and fetched the orb from its place. I scrambled out of the chamber and into the woods. I could sense something was following me, it bayed loudly as it closed in. The beast, this guardian of the orb, was relentless in its pursuit.

I made my way to a nearby ravine where I stumbled upon some men fishing in the lake. I tried to warn them as I passed, but fortunately they remained as I continued my escape. When I heard their cry of pain echo through the valley, I felt such a tremendous sense of relief, thinking I would be spared.

Suddenly a blue shimmering light engulfed me and the colors of the forest were washed away before my eyes. I kept running through the bleak surroundings, the trees had turned charcoal black with leaves of cinder, the ground covered in murky water. I pressed on through the drenched land as the glowing ember gave way to the rising wind and rained on me. I could hear pleading screams in the distance and I joined in as pain and fear overtook me. I fell to the ground gasping for air.

This certainly must sound strange, but I had been carried miles away across the Alps to a grassy field outside Genoa. The guardian had taken the orb from me, but still until this day I fear its return. Sometimes I lay awake at night listening for the howling cry I heard in the forest. It has been nearly a decade since that day and I still haven't been able to write about the incident.  

The last time we spoke you told me about your interest and ongoing research into the mythic orbs and I realized I owed you the truth about my visit to Altstadt.

Your friend and mentor,

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa.

This quote from that letter is interesting: It is as inexplicable as the Heliodromus described it in the Hortus Conclusus.

So, a bit of reading later, I find it interesting that Clyde Lewis of the Ground Zero Radio show has always been talking of Ahriman and just find the whole synchronicity fascinating, to say the least.

Location of the letter: Letter Regarding the Discovery of an Orb

Nightghost Plays Amnesia the Dark Descent Part6

Well, ain't that interestin'

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Found myself thinking about this wonderful, short-lived series starring Nick Mancuso, that I really enjoyed when I was young.   I hadn't thought about it and would love to see a reboot and hopefully, the series on Netflix.

Stingray TV Intro - remastered Stereo Version

Awesome show!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014


Just been surfin' and looking for some interesting reading, and ran into a legend over by Rochester, Indiana, that I had never heard of before.   Should be an interesting journey.  I might have to go over and visit Rochester (very close to me) to see this Lake Manitou and take some pictures and video.

Some interesting quotes and links concerning Meshekenabek, the Lake Manitou serpent:

The Preacher's Lantern - Serpent Worship -  Among the Red Indians there is a traditional being answering to the Greek Apollo or the Indian Crishna This is Manabozho he was the great teacher of the Algon quins and is always represented as in opposition or conflict with Meshekenabek the great serpent This tradition like that of Thor and the midgard or Crishna has features about it strikingly like some of those in Scripture Manabozho missed his young cousin and knowing by trails in the sand that he had been decoyed away by the great enemy Meshekenabek he tracked him to the edge of the deep and dreadful lake which has ever since been called the Lake of Manitou the spirit lake or the lake of devils At the bottom of this lake was the dwelling of the great serpent with all his monstrous and terrible companions all serpents In the midst of this horrible company was the great serpent himself coiling his awful folds in volumes round the hapless cousin of Manabozho Dreadful was the appearance of the arch snake his head was red as with blood his eyes burning and glowing like fire his body covered over with hard impenetrable glittering scales The pitying god Manabozho looked down upon the fearful sight and determined on the salvation of his cousin He dispersed all the clouds from heaven and caused the winds to be still so that the waters might be stagnant Then he caused the sun to shine upon the lake in all its fierceness that so his enemy might be compelled to come forth and seek the cool shadows of the trees upon the banks of the lake he meantime never relinquishing his power to destroy took his bow and arrows and placing himself in the spot where he knew the great serpent would emerge transformed himself into the stem of a tree that so his presence might not be suspected All the winds were still the air stagnant the rays of the sun so fierce that they penetrated to the evil brood at the bottom of the lake bubbles rose to the surface an awful serpent's head was raised looking round the shores the waters hissed as Meshekenabek said Manabozho sleeps The great serpent came forth from the waves his scales glistening like a sleetcovered forest beneath the winter's sun The shores of the lake were soon covered with the foul trailing bodies of the snakes They saw the stunted stem of the tree and they knew the cunning of Manabozho and even suspected it might be one of his disguises The giant snake coiled himself round it and sought to drag it down but he could not Manabozho was firm and by and by the great snake and all the snakes of the forest slept Then Manabozho from the stem of the tree drew his arrow and pierced the heart of the great serpent and the hiss the snake gave drew a howl of consternation from all the creatures and beasts of the forest The great serpent was mortally wounded though he and his snakes were tenfold more wild and terrible in their wrath High on the crest of the waves of the lake black as midnight rode the expiring snake pouring forth a deluge of venom which rose to a flood and almost overwhelmed the hills and the villages round But the good Manabozho achieved the salvation upon which he determined The great serpent was dead and the snakes his companions were cast again into the lake of evil spirits whence from the fear of Manabozho they never more dared to come forth This is a sufficiently curious tradition although some may think it almost unworthy of a place in our chronicle of serpent worship All these pieces of primeval folklore however are interesting in themselves and it is from such as these we are to seek the crude elements from which we trace the development of religious ideas This idea so universal of the serpent the cunning serpent the implacable foe of man from the beginning seems to point to conclusions which will hardly satisfy themselves with those notions which represent evil as a mere generalisation made by man from the perception of pain 

Strange Mag - An Unnatural History of Indiana 5 - Located in the town of Rochester, Lake Manitou was once considered forbidden to the Potawtomi who lived in the area. The reason for their fear was their belief that the lake was inhabited by a great monster called, Meshekenabek. In hisRecollections of the Early Settlements of the Wabash Valley, Sanford C. Cox reported that, "The Indians would not hunt upon its borders, nor fish in its waters for fear of incurring the anger of the evil spirit that made its home in this little woodland lake." In fact, the Native Americans would later warn settlers against building a mill on the lake, said Cox, fearful that the monster would "rush forth from its watery dominions and take indiscriminate vengeance on all those who resided near the sacred lake."

Lake Manitou - 6/14/2014, Rochester, IN.


Banzai!! Gordon Cole.

LOL!   Laughed really hard at this scene.  Made my day today.  Really been enjoying the Twin Peaks series on Netflix.  Never did watch it when it came on tv long ago.  My loss, but I get a chance to catch up on this great show.

Twin Peaks - Gordon Cole


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Special Halloweenie Edition...I Have Amnesia

YaY!   Halloween, my favorite holiday, LOL!   So, with my favorite holiday on the way, this month of October, I am doing a playthrough of one of the scariest games ever made, and one of my personal all-time-favorites: Amnesia the Dark Descent.

Join me on this adventure through Castle Brennenburg

and realms beyond.

Amnesia the Dark Descent - Trailer

Nightghost Plays Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What About That Rubber Tree...

Strange.   This popped in my head and won't leave, LOL!

Frank SINATRA - High Hopes

Whoops, there goes a billion kilowatt damn, LOL!~!


Trechas Spicy Powder

Oh man!   Someone, gave me some of this today and I was trying it on some Applesauce and...WoW!   This stuff is tha' bomb!   I loved this.   It spiced up my applesauce.  Made it a man's meal.   LOL!  Put some hair on my chest, well...more hair, LOL!   If you get a chance, try some of this on fruits or vegetables.   Oh man, this stuff was good.  Loved it on the applesauce.

Trechas - Spicy Powder


Monday, October 6, 2014

Godzilla Vs. The Avengers

Saw a cool comment on this article:

I thought; yeah, that would be a cool movie.  I remembered then, that it has happened in comic form and I used to have that one, and it was a cool story that would make a very cool movie, LOL!


Friday, October 3, 2014

Ylvis - Trucker's Hitch [Official music video HD]

The Zombie King

The Zombie King

Oh, where does the even keel plow?
There, is a question of the moment.
What will keep the cistern,
      as an optimist and a pessimist observance?
Laughing, as I am wont to do.
The questeeown occurred, then an answer came.
The zombie king.
The zombie king.
Wherefore art thou, O zombie king.
I am coming then all will be status quo.
So you think, but I am still here.
I am questing, and immune.
Laughing quietly.


Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Official Trailer + Collectibles

Awesomeness!!   This looks good!