Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hold On Dream Weaver, Visit the Old City Gold Soldier and Enter Leviathan

Dreams.  Haven't dreamed anything I can remember for awhile.  Gonna really concentrate and see what I can dream tonight for tomorrow.  Gotta get in the mood and play some Soldier of Fortune Gold, LOL!   New playthrough that I am doing and started part 1 last  night, along with my playthrough of Half-Life 2 (whew this one is going to take awhile).   Anyway, Dream Weaver...
always loved this song

Gary Wright - DreamWeaver Official Video

Nightghost Plays Soldier of Fortune Gold

Also, ran into this game while looking around last night.  I was intrigued and am looking to get it, because it was a very strange and interesting playthrough I was watching.  Good review here: PCGames The Old City: Leviathan review

The Old City: Leviathan - Trailer


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