Saturday, January 17, 2015

I Was An Atomic Ghost Master, So Take A Chance On Me, Because, Guess I Forgot to Put the Foglights in...

LOL!!!   Two new playthroughs I am undertaking, I Was An Atomic Mutant, which will be a nice break, LOL!   Good game, but it does get repetative after a short time.  Love the videos and look of it and it could have been a great game, but it seems lacking, but I still love it and play it from time to time.

I Was An Atomic Mutant - Trailers

Nightghost Plays I Was An Atomic Mutant

Ghostmaster, on the other had, is a great game and has a lot of replay value.  Every time I play I see something new, LOL!   Just a great game.  Join me and watch the playthroughs.  Funny thing, is that I can watch these playthroughs of myself and laugh at some of the funniest stuff over and over, LOL!   Just love doing these playthroughs.  Thanks to all those who have inspired me to make these, LOL!

Ghostmaster - Trailer

Nightghost Plays Ghostmaster

On another note, LOL, I have always loved the following song, but it got stuck in my head today and won't go away.  Who am I kidding, love all ABBA's music!

ABBA - Take A Chance On ME

Also, meant to blog on this yesterday, but got sidetracked, LOL.   I kept singing this phrase and laughing everytime I did it.  Changing it up, to distract my children and wife from my absentmindedness (is that a word?!?!?  LOL!).  Just started doing it, right out of the blue.  Loved this episode of the Simpsons though, LOL!

Simpsons - Foglights


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