Monday, April 27, 2015

The Quantum SATAN Curse

Quantum Leap - Intro

I loved watching Quantum Leap.    I was not a huge fan of the show, but I enjoyed some of the episodes and 1 in particular, was my favorite.

Quantum Leap - Boogieman

Not only that, there is a curse with this episode.   Talked about in this article:  Quantum Leap: “The Boogiem*n”

Quote from the article:    But then, a lot of things connected with this episode don’t quite work. It’s sometimes referred to by Leapers as “The Halloween Episode,” because it is reputed to have the highest incidence of technology failure when viewed. VCRs and DVDs are supposed to die or glitch when you try to play it; TV stations are struck by lightning. The words “curse” are often bandied about, and dedicated Leapers generally spell the episode title thusly: “The Boogiem*n.”

Which brought this, obviously, to mind, LOL!

Watchmen Boogieman


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