Sunday, November 29, 2015

The End... I Choose Machine Man Godhood, LOL!

Always loved the game Deus Ex.   Finally and I do mean finally, completed my playthrough of it.  This game is so huge in scope and so well done.   Even today I haven't played one like it.   So much to take in and so much I missed in 1 playthrough of it.  Try this game if you haven't.

Nightghost Plays Deus Ex

I also loved the ending of the choice to merge with the two artificial intelligences and basically become a god and take the rule from the Illuminati and Majestic.  Gonna have to go back to a save point and try the other endings.  I played this game when I was young and still have my original disk and it was nice to see that it worked well with Windows 10 with very little tweaking.

Nightghost Plays Deus Ex Ending

Unlike the Dark Forces game which required a lot of tweaking, not only to get it to play, but to record it as well, LOL!

Nightghost Plays Dark Forces 1

Anyway, what is Machine Man up to lately:

Where are the secret prophecies?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

It It Depends Depends Upon Upon What What The The Meaning Meaning Of Of The The Word Word Is Is Is Is

What is thou meaning?  O' goddess ISIS!

 What is it Bill?

 Wikipedia: IS-IS

We meet again Trabek errr  Islam

Maybe it's a Safety Dance

ISIS Bigfoot