Friday, January 15, 2016

Don't Step On That Balaclava

     Strange thing.  I had never even knew of this words existence until recently.   Even stranger was when I had even first heard it, I heard it again very soon after the first instance.  Stranger still was the fact that the instances where I heard the word there were, seemingly, no way they should have been a link, but there it was.  I'm speaking about the word; Balaclava.  In the context of where I first heard it I grasped the meaning, but it was still strange.  It was as if time started slowing down during the sentence being spoken.  Slower and slower until the word had been uttered.  Then time sped up again quickly and everything was normal.  This happened in both instances of the word being uttered.  I giggled, at first when this happened, because the word sounded funny to me the first time.  Then when the series of events happened again and the word uttered forth, so soon after the first time, like some magical word that could control the elements of time and space, I took notice,  So weird, like something just wanted to pound that word into me so quickly.  Intrigue me into taking notice and look up the word, just to be sure that I had understood its meaning.

Balaclava - Arctic Monkeys

     What does it mean?  Strangly, enough, I know what the word means, now, but as to its greater significance in the bigger scheme of things.  I have no idea, yet!  Maybe, I will understand later.


     Stranger still, just hearing that word, now, with no reason, that I can fathom.

     Funny, where the search leads you, LOL!

With Balaclava in hand, LOL!
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