Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Carrier Command and the Gaea Mission

I loved the old Carrier Command game from 1988.  It was way ahead of its time for any game at the time.  The graphics, gameplay and things to do, just made it an awesome time stealer, LOL!  Even today the game is awesome.

The Old Carrier Command Game
Carrier Command, Amiga - Part 1 - Overlooked Oldies

Imagine my surprise, to find out that there was a part 2 to this awesome game, made years later.  Carrier Command Gaea Mission.  I got it for a steal on Steam and have been having a fun time with it.  It has its faults, but to me that is just the charm of most games.   Even the faults in a game can make it an enjoyable experience.

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Fundamentals of War Trailer

I am making a playthrough of this one and may make a playthrough of the 1st old game, but later.

Nightghost Plays Carrier Command Gaea Mission


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